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Our motto “Consciousness, Courage & Compassion. “It is said, “School days are the best days of life”. And this realization comes only when you finish your secondary, higher secondary, graduation and post grad and look back. One can then compare the other experiences in college and later, to that with the school days, and find how golden those days really were, days that will never ever come back in life. Starting with the kindergarten classes, memories of little colorful benches, rhymes, singing, running around, sometimes falling, crying and learning to get up again, to the transition to school uniform in higher classes, increased discipline, tougher curriculum and finally the tensions of doing well in the school finals, it’s all a journey that is incomparable to anything else in the years to come in anyone’s life.

School days teaches us many a lesson, other than those there were in our school books, which holds us in good stead in the years to come in our lives. Many of us have loathed the moral science and value education classes in those days, but now don’t we all realize what a vital contribution they had towards our character formation and personality development? In our present day lives, most of us are well settled in life, and the rest who are younger, have a bright future ahead of them. We often get nostalgic about our school days, and also feel a sense of indebtedness to our alma matter, Mary Immaculate School.

To all students, past and present, the school campus is nothing short of a shrine, where even those who can’t visit often, perhaps still have the urge to do something for it and try and repay the debt. Towards that urge some of us had taken an initiative to form an Ex students association. Our school administration led by the then Principal Sr. Limarose, and also past principals like Sr. Florette and Sr. Cicily had encouraged us and were very kind to invite us to a landmark meeting on the 23rd of July, 2011. About 40 odd ex students, comprising some very senior pass outs of 1978 batch as also younger batches of 2005 and later, assembled in the school hall. An all pervasive sense of déjà-vu was engulfing us. It’s the same hall where every student past and present has myriad memories and it was kind of eerie to be sitting in the very place after so many years of school days. All the 5 principals that M.I.S had till then, were present, namely Sr. Aloysia, Sr. Cicily, Sr. Florette, Sr. Gracemary and Sr. Limarose .

Also present were Sr. Littleflower, the then Sister Superior of M.I.S, and The then Provincial Head Sister Of the Kolkata Jurisdiction, Sr. Lorainne. With the guidance and blessings of all the sisters of Mary Immaculate, a fully autonomous association was born. It was christened M.I.S.A.A, which stands for MARY IMMACULATE SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. Thus please be informed that it’s now the official and only Ex student association of M.I.S. The 1stANNUAL GENERAL BODY MEETING& ELECTIONS, to form the inaugural panel of Office Bearers was held on THE 12TH OF NOVEMBER 2011. It was followed by an ex students get together, cultural programme cum dinnerall in the school premises itself. Since then M.I.S.A.A is celebrating it’s Annual Get Together / Entertainment / Dinner every year in Winter. It has been further FINALIZED THAT HENCEFORTH THE DAY OF THIS GET TOGETHER WILL ALWAYS BE THE 2NDSATURDAY OF MONTH DECEMBER, every year. M.I.S administration has also included this event date in the SCHOOL DIARY ! Over the past few years M.I.S.A.A has gone from strength to strength with memberships increasing every year. All this has been possible only with the active support / co-operation of all the students of M.I.S as also the very proactive support and well wishes of our present School Principal The Very Respected Sr. Solly.

It’s all of ours organization and every student past or present is as much central to this organization as sun is to daylight. We need to spread the word about M.I.S.A.A further to all who ever studied in M.I.S. Please continue spreading this buzzzzz called M.I.S.A.A. using all the mediums we have at our disposal ! Let us continue to celebrate the joy of being part of M.I.S.A.A as also remember the many responsibilities it brings upon us in the coming years. It’s our duty to make it worthy of the legendary standards and values our school always stood for.

God bless.

Greetings and best wishes,

Shibaji Sarkar

Jt. Secretary


Call: +91 9434101829


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