Membership Eligibility Terms and Conditions

To become a MISAA Member, someone who has not passed ICSE or ISC Exams from the School, will have to spend a minimum of 7 years in MIS, Berhampore. However admission can only be considered, when the student has completed Secondary Level Exam from his present school and not before.

He / She can also become a member  if he / she successfully passes ICSE / ISC exam from MIS Berhampore. If this criteria is fulfilled , then he/she need not spend the minimum tenure period as mentioned in Eligibility Point 1. 

The aspiring member who has not passed ICSE / ISC Exam from this school, will however be required t write a prayer letter addressed to the honorable President or Secretary, MISAA, stating his / her desire to enroll and the right to allow registration and not will the discretion of the honorable President/Secretary, subject to any inquiry they may deem necessary. 

Any registration with MISAA must adhere to the parameter as stated above.  While it will be our continued endeavor to scout for more and more members for MISAA, but it is an absolute necessary to formulate a yard stick of entry to make sure the authenticity of the MIS spirit  is never allowed to tarnish/dilute among all to-be members of MISAA.


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