Our motto “Consciousness, Courage & Compassion. “It is said, “School days are the best days of life”. And this realization comes only when you finish your secondary, higher secondary, graduation and post grad and look back. One can then compare the other experiences in college and later, to that with the school days, and find how golden those days really were, days that will never ever come back in life.

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MISAA’s Ex-Officio

Sr. Elsyann

I wish and pray that our Alumni Association help to build a society where people grow in respect for human life and environment and to lead responsible life styles. with sincere appreciation and good wishes .

Sr. Cicily

Loving greetings to each and every member of MISAA, and hearty congratulations to the office bearers for successfully establishing the website for speedy growth of activities of MISAA. Prayerful loving wishes.

Sr. Solly

It is indeed a happy news that MISAA is all set to launch your website. You excel in humanitarian service and I believe that the use of this advanced technology will enable you to reach out far and wide.


Message from President

Dr. Dipayan Tarafdar

Tempus Fugit (time Flies) This expression summarizes my feelings about the limitations but also the many blessings of a presidential term.There is a lot to do and certainly a lot one could do .Here it is important to restrict for us to what can be accomplished.So, while I am honoured to have received your trust to handle association matters I am also very humbled by the sense that perhaps more could have been done.

Time spent profitably –working with my gifted colleagues on the executive committee dedicated to pressing issues of concern to our association and its members-is what I will recall most when my term of office concludes.Much effort goes on ´behind the scenes´ and as is indicated below ,there has been considerable progess.We are happy that the association is in good hands.

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MISAA members are scattered through out the world. You can search them by their Name, Occupation, Blood Group, Year of Passing and by Location. Happy Searching..

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